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This is vital to an efficient air quality management system. Our national network offers deep expertise in a full spectrum of air quality monitoring services to comply with applicable facility requirements and national ambient air quality standards. With a compilation of services covering ambient monitoring, our customers receive reliable end-to-end service.


  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Meteorological Networks
  • Odor Assessments
  • Noise Consulting
  • Vapor Intrusion Programs
  • Overall air quality network design including equipment specification & procurement
  • Station citing in accordance with USEPA guidelines
  • Liaison – Client / Regulatory Agencies
  • Development of Quality Assurance / Monitoring Plans for regulatory agency approval
  • Standard operational procedure (SOP) development and training (O&M, QA / QC, etc.)
  • Site equipment installation and network commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance, quality control calibrations and quality assurance audits
  • Third-party quality assurance accuracy audits
  • Remote data acquisition, reduction, and validation to meet data requirements for accuracy and percent capture
  • Data reporting to both client and regulatory agencies in AQS or AIRS format
  • Automotive
  • Cement
  • Chemical
  • Consultants
  • Landfill
  • Metals Production
  • Mineral Processing
  • Power Gen
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Remediation
  • Refinery

EPA’s Proposed Revisions Include the Incorporation of Fenceline Monitoring Provisions

The U.S. EPA’s recent proposed amendments to the NSPS and NESHAP regulations, set to be finalized on March 29, 2024, introduce provisions that broadly expand the NSPS and NESHAP regulations for the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry and the Group I and II Polymers & Resins industries. A significant proposed amendment is the incorporation of fenceline monitoring provisions under HON regulations.

At Alliance, our technical teams are uniquely positioned to guide you through these new proposed fenceline monitoring provisions:

  1. Specialized Ambient Air Monitoring Staff: Alliance offers specialized staff with over 35 years of experience in air quality monitoring programs. Our team’s profound understanding of the technical, procedural, and regulatory intricacies of air quality monitoring, coupled with a robust track record, positions us uniquely to provide comprehensive guidance and adept solutions tailored to the new fenceline monitoring provisions.
  2. Experienced Environmental Consulting Staff: Alliance has conducted large-scale regulatory applicability determinations for the federal SOCMI rules, such as 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart VVa, 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart NNN, 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart RRR, and 40 CFR Part 63 Subparts F through H. Alliance additionally provides multiple clients with day-to-day compliance support with regards to the federal SOCMI rules.Alliance’s environmental consulting staff has been heavily involved with implementation programs associated with EPA’s risk and technology review (RTR) for the Refinery Sector, the MON RTR, and the EMACT RTR. This allows our team to provide valuable feedback on solutions and strategies that have been proven to be successful while minimizing exposure to the general public and Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
  3. Pre-Compliance Monitoring Support: As currently proposed, fenceline monitoring must commence no later than 1 year after the final rule is promulgated. Alliance recommends pre-compliance monitoring to gain insights into your current emissions landscape and identify potential compliance hotspots. With the pre-compliance monitoring data, Alliance can readily help clients develop solutions for any identified concerns, such as the need for a site-specific monitoring plan.
  4. Digital Reporting Solutions: Streamline your compliance with our digital reporting solutions, designed to meet the enhanced reporting protocols.
  5. On-Demand Technical Support: Benefit from our national footprint of local offices with on-ground technical field support, leveraging the familiarity and expertise of our staff with local facilities to provide a smooth compliance transition.

Contact us for a detailed consultation and leverage our expertise in navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Simply fill out the form below, and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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