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Experience the benefits of streamlined stack testing with Alliance! Save time and money by preventing fines and interruptions while ensuring compliance. Our extensive network of qualified professionals guarantees the perfect team for your site, meeting all your compliance and operational needs.

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Discover the Alliance Advantage, which delivers fast, efficient, and dependable stack testing services. Our commitment to excellence ensures you:

  • Get a tailored cost proposal in just 2 business days after defining the project scope.
  • Enjoy a detailed test plan within 2 business days of receiving the go-ahead.
  • Receive a draft test report within 2 weeks of fieldwork completion or 2 business days after lab data is in.

Experience unparalleled reliability and efficiency with our innovative approach to stack testing.


Trust the experts at Alliance! Our team of skilled scientists, QSTI-certified Project Managers, and stack testing specialists ensure:

  • Top-notch regulatory compliance and adherence to source testing methods
  • Unwavering commitment to safety, even in the most challenging situations
  • Speedy, quality testing with our accredited PM labs, fleet of FTIRs, and dedicated operators

Join satisfied clients across North America who rely on Alliance’s specialized expertise for all their stack testing needs.


Experience seamless stack testing solutions that are tailored to your site, no matter where you are. Alliance delivers nationwide coverage through our vast network of subject matter experts, project scientists, and mobile labs. Proactive project scheduling and a cutting-edge management platform help maintain confidence in our fully trained, certified, and qualified on-site test teams.

Trust Alliance to deliver the perfect test team and equipment, precisely when and where you need them, for top stack testing services.



Compliance (All EPA/CARB Methods)

Meeting environmental regulations is dependent on your compliance testing. Alliance offers the following assistance for compliance testing projects:

  • Data Analysis and Planning
  • Logistics and Planning
  • Permit Review
  • Regulatory Pollutant Guidance
  • Test Scope and Schedule

Engineering/Investigative Test Programs

Alliance provides engineering and investigative test programs to assist in the performance evaluation and design of air pollution control pollution control systems.

Performance Specification Testing (RATA)

Alliance provides Part 60, Part 63, and Part 75 continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) evaluations and relative accuracy test audits (RATA) for PM and Mercury CEMS for industrial customers, equipment suppliers, and third-party CEMS integrators.

Specialty Testing (FTIR, PFAS, Mercury, PM – OTM 37)

Ensuring our customers get accurate testing for their needs is a priority for us. Our specialty tests include:

  • FCCU Third Stage Separator Testing
  • Dilution Tunnel Sampling for Particulates
    • CEMS Dilution Sampling for High Moisture or Highly Concentrated Sampling Locations
    • Low-Level Formaldehyde
    • New Method Development for Specialized Volatile Organic Compounds
    • OTM-37
    • Railroad Engines Using OTM-39

Compliance Demonstration 

  • PM (PM5, filterable PM, condensable PM)
  • Hg (elemental and speciated)
  • Sulfuric Acid Mist, Ammonia
  • Metals
  • Dioxins and Furans
  • Formaldehyde
  • Baghouses, Cyclones, and ESPs
  • FGD and dry scrubbers
  • SCR and NSCR
  • Oxidizers (thermal, regenerative, and catalytic)

Our qualified experts can perform the full range of mercury testing and analysis of air emissions. Mercury samples can be analyzed on-site or at our in-house laboratory ensuring sample integrity throughout the process. Mercury testing services include: 

  • Relative Accuracy Test Audits
  • In-house and on-site Sorbent Trap analysis
  • Process Evaluations, including plant mass balance testing to determine control strategies
  • Engineering Studies
  • Asphalt
  • Automotive
  • Brick
  • Building Materials
  • Cement
  • Chemical
  • Consultants
  • Demil/Municipal
  • Disposal Plant
  • Equipment Supplier
  • Ethanol
  • Food & Bev
  • General Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Haz Waste Facilities
  • Hospitals/Schools
  • Lab Analysis
  • Landfill
  • Lime
  • Metals Production
  • Mineral Processing
  • Oil & Gas – Downstream
  • Oil & Gas – Midstream
  • Oil & Gas – Renewable
  • Oil & Gas – Upstream
  • PCWP (Wood Products)
  • Plating
  • Power Gen
  • Printing
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Refinery
  • Secondary Aluminum
  • Semiconductor
  • Service Provider
  • Thermal/Catalytic Oxidizers
  • Refinery

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