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The national Alliance network of Laboratory-testing professionals developed sampling expertise from our years of air stack testing. We’re one of the few providers that manage sample collection and analysis all under one roof. We also own state-of-the-art laboratories with high-level, precision instruments and highly trained technicians.

Our experts deliver no errors in sampling and can extract non-traditional elements (e.g., biological compounds). Our lab quickly and accurately fulfills your emissions data and custody transfer needs, from sample collection to analysis. We can provide more accurate results during pipeline custody transfer, increasing transfer value.


  • Particulate Matter
  • Mercury
  • Acid gases
  • Inert Gases
  • Speciated Hydrocarbons
  • Speciated metals

To support our field services team, we have our own PM Laboratories that are accredited by the Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (LELAP). Utilizing our internal, accredited PM laboratories helps Alliance meet the reduced turnaround times necessary to provide the Alliance Advantage without added cost to our customers.

Alliance’s Oil & Gas Laboratory division supports sampling and analysis for all stages of energy extraction, transportation, and product delivery. We offer field services to collect complex permit-required samples, product validation samples, custody transfers, and many other applications. Our team of experts has the right tools and experience to collect samples, perform on-site analysis as applicable, and perform in-house analysis back at our laboratory. Our network also gives us access to specialty external labs to coordinate highly specialized analyses.

  • Renewable Natural Gas & Biogas
  • Natural Gas
  • Refinery Gases
  • Pressurized NGL (Y-Grade, E-P Mix)
  • Pressurized Condensate
  • Pressurized Crude Oil
  • Pressurized Produced Water
  • Sales Oil
  • Meter Testing
  • Extended Gas

Alliance serves as a critical support to state and regional water districts, providing analysis of more than 100 accredited parameters to satisfy discharge permits, environmental protection, and water safety requirements.


  • TDS
  • Cations/Anions
  • Metals
  • TOC
  • Speciated Organics

Our extensive laboratory network and exposure to custom projects give Alliance the unique ability to dig deeper into process liquids, feedstocks, solid & liquid fuels, material off-gassing, and many other processes side items that exist upstream of emission or discharge points, which may impact releases. These tests may utilize various analytical instrumentation to achieve the most accurate and scientifically sound data points to allow customers to make informed decisions.


  • Thermal off-gassing
  • Speciated VOC of process samples
  • Speciated Metals
  • Experienced field technicians collect samples by required methodology
  • Samples are analyzed by required analytical test methods
  • Custom analysis solutions offered
  • Single point of contact to coordinate and manage all projects for your company
  • Honesty, integrity, and reliability
  • Exceeds all quality assurance checks
  • Asphalt
  • Building Materials
  • Chemical
  • Consultants
  • Disposal Plant
  • Ethanol
  • Food & Bev
  • Government
  • Hospitals/Schools
  • Lab Analysis
  • Landfill
  • Metals Production
  • Mineral Processing
  • Oil & Gas – Downstream
  • Oil & Gas – Midstream
  • Oil & Gas – Renewable
  • Power Gen
  • Pulp and Paper

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