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Innovative LDAR Data Management

With SkyBridge, say goodbye to the costs and hassle associated with maintaining your own servers, backup storage, and network configurations. This enterprise-grade cloud architecture guarantees robust protection, offering a collection of over 200 products and cloud services intended to solve today’s problems while paving the way for tomorrow’s innovations. With the world’s most advanced security systems and firewalls, you can rest easy knowing your data is secure.

  • Real-time Connection: Stay updated with your LDAR program, accessible from any location. Whether you use a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, as long as you have a web browser, your LDAR program data is within reach.
  • Automatic Updates: Never worry about manual updates or bug fixes. Your LDAR software will always be the most up-to-date version.
  • Flexible Syncing: Technicians can sync data from any location with an internet connection.
  • SkyMobile™ Monitoring App: This innovative application connects in real-time to your LDAR data, practically eliminating the risk of data loss.
  • Enhanced GPS Support and Tracking: The system also includes improved GPS support, tracking, and new location reporting.

Sophisticated and Secure

SkyBridge 2.0 introduces web authentication compatibility with corporate Active Directory accounts as well as Microsoft-Online accounts, providing seamless integration and convenience. SkyBridge offers both improved accessibility and heightened security. Your LDAR data is securely stored within an SQL Server ‘lockbox’, housed in expansive data centers overseen by Microsoft’s Azure.

Stop worrying about Windows Server, SQL Server, or CAL license fees. Let us lift the responsibility for database backups from your shoulders, and eradicate IT costs for system maintenance and troubleshooting.

The Ultimate Monitoring Program for Your Cooling Systems

Streamline your cooling systems management with our modern, all-in-one solution, Cooling Towers. Combining cutting-edge web and Android applications, we put comprehensive inventory management, reporting, and data analysis at your fingertips.

Connected, Convenient, and Comprehensive

  • Inventory Management: Easily oversee and organize your inventory, from water boards and thermometers to rotameters and cooling towers, right from our web app.
  • Field Data Collection: Use the Android app to log inspection data from the field effortlessly.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Our mobile app is compatible with the most popular analyzers, ensuring seamless data capture.
  • Internet Connectivity: Sync routes with ease, using web access on your mobile device. No need for a USB connection.

Secure and Reliable Data Preservation

  • Routine Backups: Your data is continuously backed up on both mobile and web platforms, reducing the risk of data loss.
  • Cloud Storage: Once uploaded to our cloud server, your data is regularly backed up, ensuring your work is never duplicated.

Dynamic Reporting for Informed Decisions

Our reporting suite includes:

  • Inspection Detail
  • Inspection History
  • Semi-annual Report
  • Emissions
  • Water Blanks
  • Inventory List
  • Change History
  • CEDRI Report

Experience Cooling Towers today, and take control of your cooling systems management with our secure, user-friendly solution. Say goodbye to data loss worries and hello to improved efficiency and productivity.

Empower Your Fenceline Monitoring Program with Fenceline

Experience the ease and efficiency of managing your fenceline monitoring program with Fenceline. Our all-encompassing platform enables you to import data from Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, Android devices, or directly through our user-friendly web interface.

A Trio of Technology: Web, Windows, and Android Working in Harmony

  • Seamless Data Transfer: Easily transfer route data to an Android device using Connect or directly from our web application (internet connection required).
  • In-field Documentation: Technicians can conveniently document collections, installations, and abnormalities using mobile devices.

Empowering Decision-Making with Rich Data

With Fenceline, all the data you need is readily available through the web dashboard.

  • User Configuration: Set up multiple users and define their roles to control data interaction.
  • Result Details: Analyze locations and corresponding results data by date ranges, and compare different values. Easily add or remove locations from your results data view.
  • Statistical Analysis: Our platform provides numerous ways to explore data, aiding in deeper insights and informed decision-making.

Step into the future of fenceline monitoring with Fenceline. Harness the power of our integrated platform to drive success and efficiency in your monitoring program.

OGI Software: Your All-Inclusive Solution for Optical Gas Imaging Management

Alliance’s OGI software delivers a comprehensive platform tailored to address the unique needs of Optical Gas Imaging. Designed with seamless integration for both web and mobile applications, our platform elevates efficiency, safety, and productivity across the board.

Comprehensive Platform:

  • Seamlessly integrated web and mobile applications for dedicated OGI needs.
  • Multi-device compatibility for both Android and iOS ensures no technician is left out.

Role-Based Dashboards:

  • Experience tailored dashboards for operators, clients, and technicians.
  • Efficient and streamlined workflows personalized for each user role.

Team and Client Management:

  • Manage intricate relationships between operators and clients effortlessly.
  • Intuitive dashboards make team management a breeze.

All-In-One Management Tools:

  • Centralized platform to handle sites, inspections, leaks, reinspections, and more.
  • Comprehensive reporting includes CEDRI reports to ensure regulatory compliance.

Mobile Capabilities:

  • Field-ready app with offline functionality.
  • Capture images directly in-app for robust documentation.

Synchronized and Secure:

  • Real-time data synchronization between web and mobile applications.
  • Reliable data protection with the robust Microsoft platform.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication:

  • Foster teamwork with integrated tools.
  • Real-time location tracking and communication features elevate safety and cooperation.

User-Centric Design:

  • Intuitive interface promises a minimal learning curve.
  • Cost-effective solution eliminating paper logs and reducing administrative tasks.

Additional Features:

  • Track everything from sites and camera verifications to repairs.
  • Secure wireless data transfer with logs for all changes.
  • Schedule monitoring, generate canned & CEDRI reports, and ensure data privacy.
  • The iOS/Android mobile app is designed for offline use and is remarkably user-friendly.

Choose Alliance for unparalleled efficiency, safety, and collaboration in Optical Gas Imaging.

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