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As your Environmental compliance challenges evolve, so does your need for precise, reliable testing and analysis. Whether you’re already benefiting from our other environmental services, or wish for faster lab services, simpler compliance, and better risk mitigation, it’s time to explore how to benefit from fully integrated testing services. 

To deliver fast, accurate and reliable results, we are uniquely capable of performing testing, analysis and on-site services. With an expansive national network of laboratories, Alliance Technical Group covers the spectrum of advanced analytics and lab services for Oil & Gas, Air, Water, Soil, and Waste matrices.

Comprehensive Analytics and Environmental Lab Services for: 

You’ll never need multiple environmental testing vendors for Analytics and Laboratory services, or for end-to-end integration with Stack Testing, CEMS, LDAR, Engine Testing, Software & Technology, and Environmental Consulting. 

Expanded Coverage and Compliance Assurance

Alliance’s laboratories are not just facilities; but hubs of innovation and accuracy run by the most experienced technical professionals. With certifications in over 30 states, DOD, and NELAP accreditations—plus other permits and certifications for hundreds of state and regional capabilities, expect proactive regulatory information and consistent support for all your sampling, testing, and analytical needs around the U.S. and into Canada. 

Comprehensive Scope

Whether it’s particulate matter, mercury, acid gases, or more specialized analyses such as PFAS or speciated metals—Alliance’s lab testing and analytical scope is exhaustive.

Check out some examples:

Analysis of solid materials, including soil, for compliance or quality. 

Land Reuse/Site Characterization
Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) analyzes and evaluates the potential for hazardous substances that leach into the ground. Soil testing to support investigation and remediation activity  

Oil & Gas
Sampling and analysis for every stage of energy extraction, transportation, and product delivery. From field collection of complex permit-required samples to in-house and on-site analysis service.  

Analysis of air quality, including pollutants or hazardous gases. 

Non-Potable Water
Analysis of water not intended for drinking. 

Groundwater/Monitoring Wells
We examine underground sources—crucial for environmental assessments. 

Stormwater Testing 
Important for assessing pollutants carried into water bodies from rain or snow runoff. 

NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System)
Testing related to discharges into water bodies, focusing on pollution control. 

Potable Water/Drinking Water
Testing for safety and compliance with drinking water standards. 

Ambient Air/Soil-Gas
Analysis of air quality and gases emitted from soil, which is important for environmental health assessments. 

Special Requests
Added matrices that require specific or specialized testing are available on request. 


Analysis of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, known for their persistence in the environment. 

Volatile and Semi-volatile Organics
Methods like 8260, 624 for volatile organics, and 8270, 625 for semi-volatile organics. 

TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons)
Assessment of petroleum hydrocarbons presence. 

DRO/GRO (Diesel Range Organics, Gasoline Range Organics)
Specific to the range of hydrocarbons in diesel and gasoline. 

Testing for metals like lead, mercury, RCRA metals, arsenic, chrome, all important for assessing toxicity. 

Including tests for cyanide, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), TSS (Total Suspended Solids), BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand). 

PCBs, Pesticides, Herbicides
Focused on these specific hazardous substances. 

Testing for radioactive substances in drinking water and other matrices. 

PCDD/PCDF (Dioxins/Furans)
Analysis of these toxic compounds in water, soil and air samples. 

Ambient Air Testing
TO15 analysis for volatile organic compounds in air, and soil gas samples. 

Reach out for more specific details about our testing methods and industry capabilities available in your area. 

Beyond Standard Testing 

An extensive laboratory network and deep experience with special projects allows us to meet custom requests that go beyond standard testing. From thermal off-gassing to speciated VOC of process samples, we’re adept at diving deep and providing insights and data for informed decision-making. 

Qualified ability in a diverse range of industries like asphalt, chemical production, manufacturing, oil & gas, and power generation means clients can rest assured that Alliance meets specific testing requirements across different sectors.  

If you haven’t yet experienced the Alliance difference in laboratory services, reach out to learn how we’re not just a one-source testing provider, but a partner for all your environmental compliance and analytical goals. 

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As your strategic partner in environmental testing, monitoring, and analysis, we have a full suite of technical and compliance services for all your environmental needs. 

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*NELAP (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program)
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