Low-cost providers heighten the risk of hefty fines, penalties, loss of business, & damage to your reputation – The Alliance Advantage safeguards your facility

In today’s world, operating in compliance with established requirements is critical to the success of an enterprise. The cost of failure can be very high – potentially involving curtailment of operations, loss of business, hefty fines and penalties, as well as damage to the reputation of the company. Selecting the highest quality provider of testing services is the best way to mitigate this risk.

The technical expertise, equipment, and methodology needed to properly measure the tightening limits for air compliance requires a deep bench of scientists, recurring capital investment, and highly skilled, trained and experienced personnel who know their jobs inside and out and know how to work safely on a customer’s site. Establishing and maintaining this capability comes with a cost, particularly in today’s inflationary environment. Often, the risk of non-compliance increases when the lowest cost provider is chosen to provide technical services.  Procurement teams using “e-auctions” or other tools that focus solely on proposal cost to select suppliers can, unintentionally, create higher risk, and, in the long term, significantly higher costs for the company.  “Lowest cost” often means undertrained, undermanned and inexperienced teams, lack of redundant equipment or even the wrong equipment being used due to a lack of industry or process-specific expertise.

A quality test team measuring several target analytes from several sources often consists of multiple sample trains, two or more mobile labs, and highly qualified and experienced project managers, project scientists and technicians.  Each method being performed requires specific equipment, documented SOPs and knowledgeable technical team members who not only cross every “t” and dot every “i”, but also have the depth of real experience and judgment needed to provide the most useful feedback to the customer when processes or control equipment aren’t performing as expected.

As industry continues to work towards meeting the ever-tightening limits being set by regulatory agencies, the ability to measure and report actual emissions accurately (and consistently) becomes more challenging, and therefore, requires even more emphasis on choosing your testing partner carefully. The best way to accomplish this is by selecting the highest quality provider – who may not appear be the cheapest – but is actually the one who will provide the most economical result thanks to their investments in the technology, training, equipment, and personnel needed to deliver highly accurate reports, timely proposals, and comprehensive test plans.

The Alliance Advantage was created to ensure this result.  Find out more at www.stacktest.com.

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