National Safety Month: Alliance’s Unique Workplace Strategies

Every June, organizations across the country observe National Safety Month, a time dedicated to promoting safety awareness and accident prevention. At Alliance Technical Group, we don’t just observe safety month—we live it, every day of the year, with an unwavering commitment to the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, and customers. This dedication is reflected in our unique internal safety programs and training initiatives, including the Pause Work Authority (PWA), Start Work Self-Assessment (SWSA), and Alliance Safety Absolutes.

Workplace Safety

Empowering Employees through Pause Work Authority

One of our standout safety initiatives is the Pause Work Authority (PWA) program, which empowers every member of the Alliance team to prioritize safety above all. The PWA gives all employees the right to temporarily suspend tasks or operations if they perceive a risk to health, safety, or the environment.

This culture of safety vigilance means that every Alliance employee is not only able, but also responsible, to hit the pause button on work when necessary. We believe that an empowered workforce is a safer workforce, so we’re dedicated to fostering an environment where all team members feel comfortable exercising their PWA. And our supervisors and senior management work tirelessly to resolve any issues that arise, promoting a culture where PWA can be exercised freely, and ensuring all PWA actions are promptly reported and resolved.

Ensuring Preparedness with Start Work Self-Assessment

Before any task begins at Alliance, we implement the Start Work Self-Assessment (SWSA) program. This pre-task mental checklist ensures that all safety-related information has been addressed prior to starting work. Questions asked include whether the employee is properly trained for the task, has completed a job hazard analysis, possesses the necessary tools and personal protective equipment, and knows what to do in an emergency.

Through this program, we seek to assure that all personnel understand their responsibility and authority to pause any task where questions or concerns about health, safety, or environmental protections exist. In the Alliance family, no task commences until all SWSA concerns have been adequately addressed.

Prioritizing Life with Alliance Safety Absolutes

Our safety focus is further solidified in our Safety Absolutes, a set of directives that have the potential to prevent severe injury or loss of life if followed diligently. These rules, also known as life-critical rules, apply to any person performing work for Alliance and cover areas such as fall protection, personal protective equipment use, drug and alcohol policy, vehicle use, incident reporting, job hazard analysis, and personal safety. These guidelines serve as the backbone of our safety culture and demonstrate our desire to establish a safe and secure working environment.


In celebrating National Safety Month, we not only raise awareness about safety but also take the opportunity to reaffirm our devotion to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. These initiatives form the bedrock of our safety culture, ensuring that every member of the Alliance family returns home safe and healthy every day.

Remember, safety isn’t just a concept; it’s a culture that we need to cultivate actively and consciously. In the spirit of National Safety Month, let’s all strive to be safety role models and make the world a safer place to live and work.

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