Renewable Natural Gas

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We know it as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), biogas, or sometimes biomethane or renewable methane.
Recent advancements in environmental technology make this one of the most important strategies
for a clean energy future.

Tackling the Challenges of RNG Testing, Together 

As the demand for renewable natural gas grows, so do the obstacles associated with meeting rigid pipeline quality standards—from requirements and specifications to specialized sampling equipment and testing methods. 

 Common RNG testing challenges we can help you resolve: 

  • Low level gas constituency criteria for refined biogas
  • Complex testing applications that require advanced knowledge of sampling and analytical methodology
  • Rapid turnaround requirements for test results
  • Potentially hazardous safety environments for sampling technicians

Our experienced, highly trained technicians will quickly and confidently manage every step of your RNG testing process in a manner that prioritizes safety. Redundant equipment, surplus staffing within a nationwide network, advanced analytical capabilities and a sophisticated reporting program yield the accurate, timely data that’s critical for your pipeline entry compliance and maintenance program.

Biogas Sampling, Testing, and Analysis Services

As great as your RNG opportunities are, we know that the certification requirements can be equally challenging. Let us help you navigate the sampling, analytical and reporting complexities and simplify the process.

With a national footprint and experienced RNG project managers, Alliance Technical Group has teams ready to respond, and will immediately schedule an accurate test program to facilitate gas custody transfer into the pipeline. 

3 Key Compliance Aspects of EPA Regulations for RNG 

Batch Pathway Testing:
Before mixing with non-qualifying gas, each batch of RNG must be tested and analyzed. 

Product Transfer Documents (PTDs):
For pipeline movement, precise reporting and maintenance of PTDs is required.

Third Party Audits:
Required for RNG projects, turn to our consulting division for your impartial auditing needs.  

Types of RNG Analyses

With more than 25 years’ experience and extensive resources, Alliance’s specialists deliver rapid and accurate results every time. 

Our testing competencies include:

• H2S
• Sulfur
• CO2/O2
• Carbon-14
• Volatile Metals

• Pesticides/PCB
• Siloxanes
• Ammonia
• Mercury
• Biologicals
• Onsite dewpoint/moisture

Your Solution to Complex RNG Testing 

No matter what your unique testing requires, Alliance provides you with technical solutions so you can feel confident in your analysis. From sampling to laboratory analysis, interpreting, and reporting results, we manage the entire process, including: 

  • Working with waste facilities and pipeline companies to help interpret your testing requirements. 
  • Meeting specialized, on-site needs like water dewpoint, hydrocarbon dewpoint, and moisture content (lbs./MMscf) 
  • Determining whether a comprehensive baseline test is needed or if a more cost-effective, less intensive approach will do. 
  • Efficiently handling all sampling needs within 1-2 days. 
  • Developing a regular test plan and sampling calendar to keep your testing on track. 
  • Consulting with you about every step of your RNG compliance journey. 

Your success with RNG is our priority. Discover how Alliance can help make your RNG program run efficiently and get you to the pipeline with high quality renewable fuel, and confident compliance. 

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