GMAP Services

Don’t wait for potential problems to find you. Navigate the complexities of air quality compliance easily and confidently with the help of the Alliance Technical Group Geospatial Measurement of Air Pollutants (GMAP) unit.

Why Choose Alliance’s GMAP?

Developed in collaboration with Ken Garing and Associates, LLC (KGA), the Alliance GMAP unit was built based on the US EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) GMAP program. KGA personnel have extensive GMAP experience, including the following:

  • Responsible for design and build-out of US EPA GMAP units;
  • Direct involvement in development of Other Test Method (OTM) 33 and OTM 33A for the U.S. EPA’s ORD GMAP program; and
  • Pioneered using the GMAP unit as a screening tool for US EPA multimedia inspections.

Alliance’s partnership with KGA includes ongoing GMAP training and project support, allowing our specialized GMAP services to deliver:

Proactive Monitoring: Discover unknown emission sources impacting your facility’s pollutant concentrations with our real-time mobile air monitoring system.

Comprehensive Coverage: Our vehicle-mounted unit specializes in tracking BTEX compounds, total VOC, and SO2 at low ppb levels, providing a detailed picture of your air quality.

Advanced Data Analysis: Using industry-leading geospatial mapping software, we can identify potential emission sources, enabling swift, targeted action.

Versatility: Our GMAP unit can be used for mobile mapping or stationary point monitoring, offering flexibility to suit your specific needs.

EPA Standard: Our system aligns with the monitoring practices employed by the EPA, facilitating direct comparisons with their inspection processes.

On-Demand Mobile Air Monitoring

Take the next step in proactive air quality management with GMAP services, including:

  • Identifying unknown emission sources for fenceline monitoring support.
  • Providing routine supplemental monitoring to enhance existing programs.
  • Pre-screen and comparative monitoring during agency GMAP assessments.
  • Delineating between competing emission sources, including potential off-site contributors.
  • Assisting with the EPA inspection and enforcement process, including Consent Decree negotiations and compliance program implementation
  • Offering neighboring community monitoring to mitigate Environmental Justice concerns.
  • Rapid response during emission events.

Whether you’re aiming to reduce community risk or detect rapid changes in your facility’s air quality, Alliance is ready to help. Put our GMAP unit to work for you today.

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