Water Quality Services

Water Quality Services

Consistent, Responsive, and Accurate.

Engage a range of water-related services for both Clean Water Act regulatory and non-regulatory needs for all industrial and municipal sectors.

Alliance is committed to providing top-tier water quality services to cater to the complex needs of the industrial sectors. Whether it’s addressing permit reviews, fish tissue sampling, and wetlands science, or providing non-regulatory offerings like stream and wetlands restoration and enhancement, our multifaceted approach ensures that the clients have the support they need at every stage.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by different industries, Alliance has developed a range of services to tackle the toughest projects across virtually all industrial sectors. By bridging regulatory obligations with voluntary environmental commitments, we lead the way in water quality services, offering a synergy that benefits both our clients and the environment.


  • NPDES Application Preparation
  • Aquatic Life Assessments
  • Stormwater Permitting & Management
  • Water/Wastewater Compliance Support
  • Oil Spill Prevention
  • Fish Tissue Sampling
  • Section 404/10 & 408 Permitting
  • Wetlands Science
  • Permit Review & Agency Negotiations
  • Advanced Water Quality Modeling/TMDL
  • Full Utility Routing/Siting & Regulatory Support
  • Effluent Toxicity Analysis & Reduction
  • Water Effect Ratio
  • Biotic Ligand Model
  • Site-Specific Criteria Development
  • Rulemaking Support
  • BMP Development & Inspection
  • Phase I & II ESA
  • Watershed Assessment, Planning, & Restoration
  • NEPA (EIS, EA, CE)
  • Ecological Restoration


Comprehensive suite of services for regulatory and non-regulatory needs, helping industries stay compliant and engage in sustainable practices.


Essential guidance to manage the environmental impact of operations, ensuring that they meet governmental standards and social responsibilities.


Wide-ranging support aids in maintaining water quality but also in enhancing the overall ecological balance and responsible environmental stewardship.

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