Saluting Earth Month Heroes: The Secondary Aluminum Industry

During Earth Month, Alliance Technical Group honors our industry partners dedicated to environmentally responsible practices that generate jobs, career paths, and wealth while safeguarding our planet’s well-being. This week, we spotlight the secondary aluminum industry. 

America’s aluminum recycling is a true success story, with over 75% of our aluminum now coming from recycled sources. With 400+ secondary aluminum plants nationwide, this thriving industry contributes over $70 billion yearly, supports over 630,000 jobs, and reduces pollution by 95% compared to traditional methods. It’s an achievement we can all be proud of!

Alliance Technical Group has a proud history of providing emissions testing, monitoring, laboratory, and engineering services to the secondary aluminum industry. These facilities invest heavily in advanced pollution control systems to comply with stringent environmental standards. We are pleased to play a role in ensuring their systems function effectively, safeguarding human health and the environment. 

Strong, lightweight, and used in hundreds of specialty alloys, aluminum is a key raw material crucial to the automotive, aerospace, appliance, and beverage industries, to name but a few. Alliance is excited to continue our partnership in the aluminum industry. 

FUN FACT: The Washington Monument’s tip is made of aluminum, chosen for its rarity and exotic status in 1884. This symbolized American prestige, honoring George Washington with a then-luxurious metal. The advent of the Hall-Héroult process in 1886 revolutionized aluminum production, rapidly shifting it from one of the most expensive to one of the cheapest metals.

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